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AURUM MEDICAL Reliability and Quality
Every day we make every effort to do our best for our customers.
Warranty period for deliveries
We register delivery periods in agreements, guaranteeing their strict observance. Pan-Russian Delivery.
Service Providers
We recruit professional service providers of world-class manufacturers
We work directly with manufacturers, which allows us to sell products at optimal prices.
Individual Support
Equipment selection according to customer wishes and specialization.
Complex turnkey solutions
We offer ready turnkey solutions on designing institutions and rooms, fitting out, and training on efficient equipment use.
Popular equipment
The latest equipment.
Suppliers proven for decades.
  • Siemens
  • Canon
  • MTL
  • Surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Intensive Care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Diagnosis
  • Anti-COVID technologies
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Special Offers
Vantage Galan 3T Canon
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Functional diagnosis
Cutting-edge equipment.
Over 100 successfully completed tenders.
Popular brands

The Aurum Medical Company offers the complete service package in design and comprehensive fitting out of medical institutions with equipment of various profiles in all Russian regions.

Products presented in the web-site Catalogue completely comply with all quality standards. Our stock includes exclusively brand modern multifunctional equipment from reliable and proven partners.

Those who want to buy medical equipment usually have to account for several important factors defining the choice. There are several requirements identical for all devices. These include manufacturing standards established for all released professional products.

Each medical organization can buy the medical equipment in our company for a favorable cost. We provide stable optimal prices, despite the high level of maintenance services and product quality.

What do we offer apart from the medical equipment?

The service package includes not only medical equipment delivery in Moscow and other Russian cities but also complete fitting out of institutions with prior designs.

A specific commercial offer is active for each client on beneficial terms.

We perform the following activities:

  • Compiling the plan of the future building (or its separate parts), design with the account of delivery extent required (electric and other devices, equipment, etc.).
  • Medical equipment delivery with subsequent installation/mounting.
  • Commissioning of ready objects.

Innovative technologies allow for high efficacy of activities with minimal expenses/costs.

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