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Vantage Orian is a premium MRI scanner with a 1.5 Tl magnet. Technologies that improve performance and image quality.

Vantage Orian MRI scanner. Features

Belonging to the premium segment, the Vantage Orian tomograph offers exceptional imaging reliability. The new thin productive gradient is characterized by a maximum amplitude of 45 mT/m in combination with a rise rate of 200 T/m/s. PURE RF technology and Saturn Gradient increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by up to 38%, improving image quality.

An advanced approach to the comfort of the procedure:

reduction of acoustic noise due to the vacuum chamber around the gradient coil – Pianissimo;
MR Theater – virtual image display for patient’s peace of mind and preservation of his immobility;
tunnel width 71 cm;
detachable table – preparation for scanning can be started even outside the diagnostic room;
technologies for reducing scanning time.

In the conditions of an increase in the number of subjects and an increase in the profitability of equipment, it is necessary to use all available methods to speed up the diagnostic process. Canon has developed the following tools for this:

FORESEE preview – real-time preview, helps to plan the study of areas such as the heart, pancreas, some joints;
Rapid Scan – quick scan;
MultiBand SPEEDER – increase in spatial resolution while reducing the procedure time;
Easytech – simplified positioning, automatic alignment of scanning planes.

Non-contrast methods of MR studies allow to obtain visualization of vessels without using contrast. The quality of the data obtained is often higher than when using contrast.

Technical characteristics of the tomograph:
Reduced energy consumption by 21% – Eco mode automatically turns on when the patient’s table is disconnected or lowered.
Low requirements for the installation area – requires a room of 25 sq.m
. Convenient and flexible pediatric coils.
An intelligent monitor on the front panel of the gentry displays information about the patient and the parameters of the study.
M-power graphical user interface.


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