Equipment of the GBZU MO “Kurovskaya City Hospital”, Kurovskoye, 2019

As part of the project, the company completed the equipment of specialized offices and departments. Deliveries were made in strict accordance with regulatory documents (orders, resolutions, instructions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation).
Cooperation with Aurum Medical allowed us to save time and effort, as well as to get a fully equipped and ready-to-work medical room. At the same time, the company has always taken into account the individual wishes of the customer.

The following equipment was supplied as part of the project:

ClearVue 850

ATMOS C 161 Aspirator DDS


Electrocardiograph computer Poly-Spectrum-8E

Viewing lamp marLED E3

Sterilizer Steam Autoclave Vacuklav 24 B+

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