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Sysmex CS-5100 is a high-precision and efficient coagulation analyzer. With a throughput capacity of up to 400 tests per hour, the device provides quality results in minimal time. Due to the advanced technology using various wavelengths, the system supports 20 channels for the coagulation analysis, chromogenic and immunological analysis, as well as eight channels for platelet aggregation with the automatic mixing function. Besides, the device automatically checks the presence of impurities (HIL) and may work in the random access mode with other devices.

Advantages of the Sysmex CS-5100 coagulometer:

  • High performance and accurate results thanks to cutting-edge coagulation analysis methods, chromogenic analysis, immunological analysis, and platelet aggregation;
  • Maximal efficiency and performance with optional connections to the laboratory information system and LAS compatibility;
  • High calibration accuracy;
  • Checking the preanalytical condition of samples before the analysis (HIL);
  • Multi-wave measurement technology with different wavelengths


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