Colposcope Kernel KN-2200B Halogen

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The KERNEL KN 2200B binocular type with a built-in halogen light source is a modern highly effective medical device designed to diagnose (by examination) various diseases of the female genital organs.

Advantages of the Kernel KN 2200B Video Colposcope

The fiber-type illuminator is securely mounted on a stable tripod.

The cranked design of the tripod equipped with wheels greatly facilitates the positioning of the colposcope for its most convenient and effective use.

The device is equipped with a highly efficient light source (80,000 Lux).

The device provides excellent quality of transmitted images, with which you can perform a variety of operations (zoom in / out, fixation, area calculation, etc.).

It is possible to output the resulting images to a personal computer and print them on a printer in various formats.

An optical fiber-optic cable is used for efficient transmission of light and color.

The brightness of the light can be adjusted.

Fast focusing is performed in manual and automatic modes.


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