Mindray SynoVent E5

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The SynoVentE5 ventilator is a device that has all the necessary functions and a user—friendly interface. It not only provides an improved lung ventilation function for patients of various ages (from infants to adults), but also has a modern, user-friendly interface. The touch screen, with which you can easily and quickly adjust the parameters of the device, is adjusted individually according to the wishes of the doctor. The 12.1-inch screen provides simultaneous display of up to 4 curves or 2 loops, as well as 25 monitoring parameters. The thoughtful design of the interface with a touch screen and direct access buttons helps the user to easily learn the functions of the SynoVentE5 device and effectively use them in solving various clinical tasks.

Since the SynoVentE5 ventilator supports respiratory volume in the range from 20 to 2000 ml, it is suitable for use in both adults and infants. It has up to 14 ventilation modes, including, among others, SIMV, PRVC, APRC, DuoLevel and NIV. Mindray’s world-class gas mixture analysis technology can also be used for EtCO2 monitoring.

Thanks to the six external connectors, there are several ways to save and share data. The ventilator is integrated into a single network with MindrayBeneview monitors and the MindrayeGateway system, which provides fast data transmission to central monitoring stations. The device operates in accordance with the industry standard HL7 protocol, which provides easy connection to HIS/CIS systems and digital data recording.

To increase the safety of the procedure in the absence of a central gas pipeline system, an additional compressor C3 can be installed. The design of the SynoVentE5 ventilator allows it to be mounted on a bracket or console, which makes it suitable for use in various conditions


  • Suitable for artificial lung ventilation in the ward;
  • During transportation within a medical institution in patients undergoing long-term therapy.


  • Color touch LCD display with a diagonal of 12.1 inches;
  • There are direct access buttons;
  • The monitor displays the presence of 4 curves, 2 loops and up to 25 monitoring values;
  • The device can work autonomously for up to 3 hours without stopping;
  • Respiratory volume in the range from 20 to 2000 ml;
  • Leak compensation occurs automatically;
  • The device operates in 14 ventilation modes (including NIV SIMV, APRC, DuoLevel and PRVC);
  • You can also use the C3 compressor.

Ventilation modes

  • Support/Control (VCV or PCV);
  • SIMV, SIMV/Psupp (with volume or pressure control);
  • PSV;
  • CPAP;
  • DuoLevel (optional);
  • PRVC, APRC (optional);
  • NIV (optional).


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