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URF-P7 is a professional ureterorenofibroscope from Olympus, which has an ultra-thin insertion tube, a wide instrumental channel and high maneuverability of the distal part, used for examination and interventions on the urinary tract.

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Beautiful image and lighting

Ureterorenofibroscope URF-P7 has excellent visualization of the working field. This is ensured thanks to the new fiber fiber arrangement technology, which has increased the density of the fibers, as well as their number, by approximately 30 percent. These characteristics make it easy to examine even the most inaccessible areas of the bladder, kidneys and visualize pathological changes.

And together with the built-in filter, which provides a reduction of moire in the image, the most clear and bright picture is formed.

High diagnostic ability

The maneuverability of the ureterorenofibroscope URF-P7 provides an excellent overview and diagnosis of pathological changes in the urinary tract. The angle of movement is significantly increased compared to the previous generation URF-P5 endoscope.  Mobility is carried out within: 275 degrees up and 275 degrees down.

High maneuverability provides excellent access to the upper, middle and lower renal cups.

Wide therapeutic possibilities

Due to the wide instrumental channel of 1.2 mm, it becomes possible to use a wide range of endoscopic instruments to perform procedures in the bladder cavity and kidney cups.

Ultra-thin insertion part

The inserted URF-P7 tube is 2.65 mm, which allows you to freely bring the instrument to the stone located in the ureter or kidney cup and perform the manipulations necessary to remove it.


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