Development of the Architecture Project for the Regional Hospital in the City of Derbent — 1

The modern hospital equipped with cutting-edge medical and technical equipment, complying with the latest modern international standards, will be built in Derbent shortly.

The concept of a new modern hospital complying with international requirements was developed by the Aurum Medical Company (Aurum LLC), a professional company in the sphere of design and comprehensive fitting out of medical institutions.

A new multi-profile hospital in Derbent is planned to be built on Sheboldaeva Street. It will be a unique modern “closed-cycle” clinical medical complex with a three-level medical care system and more than thirty departments, including pregnancy pathology, palliative care, and rehabilitation. Besides, an existing hospital system will be preserved.

Creating such an institution in Derbent will greatly increase the availability and quality of all types of medical care for children and adults.

The new hospital will be a command center for services to the population of Dagestan. All divisions will be located conveniently for the patients. Patients will not waste their time transferring from one department to another through the whole city, while in emergencies when even minutes play a crucial role. One will not bother the bedridden patient with the transportation.

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