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The Pentax FG-29V Fibrogastroscope with a high-quality fiber-optic system is ideal for routine examinations. The endoscope has an insertion tube diameter of 9.8 mm and an instrumental channel of 2.8 mm for various therapeutic procedures.

FG-29V gastroscope advantages:

  • high-quality fiber-optic system with a long service life;
  • water/air supply channel for distal lens rinsing;
  • high gastroscope resistance to “dead pixels”;
  • an instrumental channel of 2.8 mm provides many therapeutic intraluminal manipulations, including biopsy, polypectomy, coagulation, labeling, etc.
  • wide mobility of the distal endoscope part that enables flexing the distal end up to 210 degrees;
  • comfortable handle with an ergonomic position of control elements.


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