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“Childhood” Program
This is a complex program developed based on the state standard. The program's goal is to give every child the opportunity to develop abilities, interact widely with the world in a variety of activities, and have access to medical services. Specific diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases are quite different from that in adults. Most often, small patients cannot tell their complaints explicitly during the examination and perform the majority of requirements necessary for correct diagnosis and further treatment.
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Polyclinics in the city of Podolsk
A new complex multidisciplinary polyclinics in Podolsk for 600 adults and 250 pediatric visits per shift is the modern medical institution fitted out with cutting-edge medical and technical equipment. The Aurum Medical Company has supplied and commissioned a large list of equipment, including the X-ray, endoscopic, electrosurgical, and aspiration equipment, as part of the State Program "Moscow Region Healthcare". The institution could attract highly qualified specialists to provide an expanded range of medical services, thanks to this.
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Polyclinics in the city of Balashikha
The construction of a polyclinic for adults and children in a new microdistrict in Balashikha made it possible to attract highly qualified specialists in radiology and laboratory diagnostics. Cutting-edge medical equipment commissioning will improve the clinical and economic parameters of the Moscow Region.
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Therapeutic Building in the city of Dubna
The city of Dubna is one of the leaders in the healthcare sector of the Moscow Region (in the sphere of Oncology, in particular). The high pace of palliative medicine development defines the necessity of fitting out medical institutions with innovative equipment. Special attention should be paid to endoscopic equipment that physicians use both in the diagnosis and treatment. Cutting-edge bronchoscopes, gastroscopes, colonoscopes, nasopharyngoscopes, cystourethroscopes minimize painful feelings and decrease the risks of traumas during diagnostic studies in patients. The use of new-generation technologies provides perfect visualization, ergonomics, automation of the working process, diagnostic accuracy, clinical and economic efficacy.
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Moscow Region Healthcare Program
The program aims to improve the health condition in the population, provide availability and improve the quality of medical care among citizens of the region, and improve the medical service efficacy. We have commissioned a wide list of high-tech medical equipment (including X-ray devices and surgical equipment) as part of this program. The cutting-edge equipment has significantly decreased the labor intensity of medical processes and increased operational efficacy. Due to this, therapeutic & prophylactic institutions have been allowed to increase the quantity of serviced patients and achieve excellent clinical results in the diagnosis and treatment.
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Pediatric Polyclinics in Aprelevka
Pediatric medical institution deserve a special attention. Both specialists and small patients require using innovative equipment, which shortens diagnostic studies and surgeries while also providing maximal safety and comfort. After surgical interventions, patients require complex postoperative rehabilitation. Thus, fitting out diagnostic rooms and operating units with modern medical equipment is one of the foremost tasks.
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