Completed Solutions

Polyclinic in New Domodedovo
At the beginning of 2023, as part of the Healthcare national project, a polyclinic was opened in the Yuzhny microdistrict of the Domodedovo city district. At the facility, Aurum performed complex work on the supply and installation of equipment, assembling furniture. More than 1,000 items of equipment and furniture have been delivered, from laboratory to surgical areas.
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Design work for the Spartak Medical Center, Moscow, 2021
The projected National Scientific and Clinical Center for Sports Medicine is a medical institution designed to provide athletes of sports teams of the Russian Federation with: primary, including pre-medical, medical and specialized, medical and sanitary care, including in-depth, stage-by-stage, ongoing medical examinations; specialized medical care.
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Design work for the GBUZ MO Research Clinical Institute named after M. F. Vladimirsky, Moscow, 2021
Execution of design and construction and installation works for the construction of a medical module with a warm transition, a room for a CT scanner. For the full functioning of the premises, engineering and technical communications, plumbing devices, water supply, ventilation and heating systems are installed. To ensure high-quality communication between the doctor and the patient, the X-ray room will be equipped with an intercom device. A Canon Aquilion PRIME SP 160 CT scanner will be installed in the treatment room.
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Equipment of the polyclinic for adults in the residential complex “Mortongrad”, Krasnogorsk, 2021
Within the framework of the project, Aurum offered a comfortable pricing policy and high quality of innovative equipment.
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Equipment of the GBZU MO “Kurovskaya City Hospital”, Kurovskoye, 2019
As part of the project, the company completed the equipment of specialized offices and departments. Deliveries were made in strict accordance with regulatory documents (orders, resolutions, instructions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation). Cooperation with Aurum Medical allowed us to save time and effort, as well as to get a fully equipped and ready-to-work medical room. At the same time, the company has always taken into account the individual wishes of the customer.
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“Childhood” Program
This is a complex program developed based on the state standard. The program's goal is to give every child the opportunity to develop abilities, interact widely with the world in a variety of activities, and have access to medical services. Specific diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases are quite different from that in adults. Most often, small patients cannot tell their complaints explicitly during the examination and perform the majority of requirements necessary for correct diagnosis and further treatment.
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