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A mobile X-ray ward device intended for examining patients with limited mobility in intensive care, traumatology, and orthopedics, pediatrics, and neonatology units.

The power device (16-50 kW) provides high-quality radiological images with minimal radiation exposure.

The main features of MobiRen-5MT mobile X-ray devices include mobility, maneuverability, easy operation.

MobiRen-5MT may be supplied in the following options:

  • option with a flat-panel full-format (35×43 cm) mobile digital receiver.
  • A modern device combining all the latest achievements in the sphere of digital X-ray image acquisition.
  • The flat-panel mobile digital receiver provides a high-quality digital image on the monitor screen immediately after exposure. The lab technician AWP is integrated into the device structure.
  • an option with the ViziR-MT computed radiography system;
  • an option with a MiniMed-4MT automatic processing machine.


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