Design work for the Spartak Medical Center, Moscow, 2021

The projected National Scientific and Clinical Center for Sports Medicine is a medical institution designed to provide athletes of sports teams of the Russian Federation with: primary, including pre-medical, medical and specialized, medical and sanitary care, including in-depth, stage-by-stage, ongoing medical examinations; specialized medical care.
The work within the framework of the project was carried out in close contact with the customer – LLC SZ “Spartak Stadium”, which made it possible to take into account all the necessary requirements of the client at the early stages and ensure maximum comfort during the future operation of the facility.
Work has been carried out on the formation of functional planning structures and the planting of a building on a building site, the adjustment of a medical and technological task, the creation of a BIM model of a building based on an approved planning structure, the formation of variants of the architectural appearance of the building.

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