ARC 400 + ARC PLUS for open surgery

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ARC 400 is an electrosurgical device for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with ligation technology + ARC PLUS prefix for argonoplasmic endoscopy and surgery.

BOWA ARC 400 is a new generation electrosurgical device for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with bipolar ligation technology. Thanks to options focused on specific surgical disciplines, this device is an excellent assistant for any surgical team. The unique COMFORT function allows you to operate in the “Plug and play” mode (Plug’n’play) and control the cycles of using the tool.

ARC PLUS is an additional unit for use in argonoplasmic electrosurgery. Argon with a frequency of at least 4.8 creates an electric bridge between the electrode and the tissues for precise non-contact coagulation. A standard tool for flexible endoscopy or liver surgery. The control is carried out from the front panel of the ARC PLUS.

Your experience is the best standard
Thus, in addition to numerous presets depending on the display, the device provides the ability to optimize the default values according to your personal experience. Save up to 300 personal favorites settings and easily extract them from the Favorites menu with a single tap of your finger. The ZAP mode can be used to select two independent tool socket settings and switch between them in sterile conditions. This function can be activated separately for each socket in the socket configuration menu.


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