Krasnogorsk Pediatric Hospital

Moscow Regional Pediatric Hospital in the City of Krasnogorsk is the most advanced and large-scale project in the pediatric medicine of the Moscow Region. The hospital capacity is 420 beds, with the diagnostic center for 300 visits per shift. The total object area is 114,467.32 sq.m; design territory — 4 ha, 10 floors (including one basement floor and one mechanical floor). Medical services (inpatient care) will be provided to 15,530 patients under the age of 18 per year.

During the project implementation, telemedicine and robot-assisted technologies will be used to the full extent for the first time in the country. A unique command center will be developed to coordinate the entire children’s sector of the Moscow region. This will significantly shorten the time of medical care provision to small patients.

The institution structure consists of 15 departments, including the emergency department and the disaster medicine department, with access via the helicopter landing pad.

The hospital has a simulation center that allows doctors and nurses to hone their knowledge and skills on the latest robotic equipment.

The unique profile of the hospital inspired us to undertake the most advanced project possible.

We used technology of the future and equipped the facility with medical equipment that will be relevant in the coming decades.

The institution concept presumes:

Cutting-edge equipment.
Over 100 successfully completed tenders.
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