EVIS X1 Endoscopic video system

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EVIS X1 is the latest endoscopic equipment in the Olympus product portfolio, which combines the best technical solutions for the detection of gastrointestinal diseases (including colorectal cancer) and respiratory organs.

The main advantages of this video system include:

  • accessibility for all endoscopy specialists;
  • implementation of the artificial intelligence program;
  • compliance with all Japanese quality standards;
  • accurate screening.

The EVIS X1 video system combines extensive experience, useful knowledge and innovation, thanks to the following programs and functions:

  • EDOF technology helps to evaluate the mucous membrane of internal organs in the smallest detail and smoothly enlarge the desired areas due to the increased depth of field range.
  • The RDI mode makes it possible to detect the source of bleeding more effectively by enhancing the contrast between highly concentrated and diluted blood, which is especially useful for assessing hemostasis.
  • The TXI mode allows you to improve the identification of inflammation, neoplasms and other injuries by enhancing the texture, brightness and color correction of the image.
  • The narrow-spectrum NBI mode is a powerful technology for detailed optical diagnostics.

Today RU has the following components of the video system:

  • 32-inch LCD monitor (4K)-OEV321UH.
  • Bronchovideoscopes BF-H1100, BF-1TH1100.
  • CV-1500 Video Information Center.
  • Video colonoscope with full-focus image (EDOF) CF-EZ1500DL/I.
  • Medical mobile workstation WM-NP3.


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