Operating system for neurosurgery ZEISS KINEVO 900

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The ZEISS KINEVO 900 is a robotic imaging system. It combines optical and digital imaging tools, precise positioning in space, as well as a ZEISS QEVO micro-research tool.

Robotic control system

The ZEISS KINEVO 900 is equipped with a robotic control system. This is an innovative solution that reduces the number of manipulations performed by the doctor manually and ensures high positioning accuracy.


Visualization of any part of the operation with easy convenient focusing through a hole of any diameter. This gives a special advantage when working in areas with limited access.


Saving the operation card in the memory of the neurosurgical microscope allows you to return to the most important stages for repeated viewing at the same magnification, working distance and focusing.

Active vibration damping

The vibration suppression function ensures extreme stability of the device and auxiliary systems.

A fundamentally new concept of surgical imaging

ZEISS KINEVO 900 offers a fundamentally new concept of surgical imaging. Digital Hybrid Visualization is an opportunity to work looking at a monitor or a projection in eyepieces and observe submillimeter—sized images in excellent quality on the screen.

4K & 3D visualization
Excellent image quality and clear detail when accessing the operated area from any angle. Image output to the screen.
ZEISS QEVO: The Micro-Inspection Tool
Visualization of hard-to-reach areas for more informed clinical decisions.


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