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A professional fiber bronchoscope from the Olympus company has a small inserted tube and a wide instrument channel used to examine respiratory organs.

Wonderful images and lighting

Wonderful operating field visualization helps to examine the most difficult-to-reach regions of the respiratory tract with ease. The newest technology of fiber-optic detection provides it.

Optic fibers have become much thinner, while they are located much more densely, providing field illumination enhancement by approximately 30 percent. With that, the light-transmitting cord diameter remained the same. A wide view angle (120 degrees) forms a maximum clear image without any distortions.

The BF-1T60 fiber bronchoscope has a highly mobile operating part, with a range of motion 180 degrees upwards and 130 degrees downwards. Such maneuverability provides improved examination and access to difficult-to-reach tracheal and bronchial regions.

Thanks to a wide instrumental channel (3.0 mm), it is possible to perform most diagnostic and therapeutic measures on the internal surface of the trachea and bronchi. It allows using the whole spectrum of endoscopic instruments — clamps, forceps, coagulators, loops, etc., transforming the fiber bronchoscope into a comprehensive therapeutic tool.

The endoscope handle has become lighter and more convenient — the gravity center has shifted so that the physician has fewer manual loads when working. The ocular angle has become more convenient, promoting less physician eye fatigue during examinations.

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