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When developing the Vantage Galan MRI device, the Canon company has thrived to achieve exclusive performance and maximum patient comfort. A complex of various technologies has created a quiet, quick, and cost-efficient MR system.

The multiphase RF system technology provides high uniformity of the magnetic field in all scanning regions.

Optimized RF construction of the PURERF Tx system increases the signal/noise ratio by 20 %.

A complete set of non-contrast studies in MRI, including non-contrast angiography, evaluation of perfusion, regurgitation, etc.

A unique vacuum chamber around the gradient coil decreases the acoustic noise from vibrations (Pianissimo technology). Noise decrease by 90 % helps the patients to stay relaxed and calm.

A wide tunnel (71 cm in diameter) provides the examination of even large-bodied patients. Large free space in front of the face also adds to the comfort.

The virtual MR theater provides the demonstration of relaxing images during scanning. Patients relax quicker and feel themselves calmer. This positively affects their immobility, eliminating motion artifacts on MRI images.

The ECO mode activates automatically when the patient table descends. As it ascends, the mode turns off. This mode helps to decrease energy consumption during idle time, decreasing hospital costs.

The M-Power interface decreases routine operator actions, making them automatic, and optimizes tomography parameters for examinations, improving performance. After the patient is recorded in the system, the scanning protocol is automatically selected, while the parameters are adjusted based on the age and patient constitution.

Technical specifications:

  • Zero helium evaporation technology.
  • The area required for this device is the same as for the 1.5 T system — just 27 sq. m.
  • The system can be installed within 9 days.
  • Twice less time for scanning. Brain examination within 5 minutes.
  • EasyTech Technology — accurate positioning regardless of the patient position with anatomic landmark orientation.
  • Package of advanced MR Expert clinical applications.

*Since 2018, Toshiba Medical Systems merged with Canon and was renamed Canon Medical Systems


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