Pentax Bronchofibroscopes

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Pentax bronchofibroscopes are fibrooptic devices with high-quality optics used in pulmonology for examination of the trachea and bronchi, as well as in emergency medicine.

The patented technology of ultrafine Pentax fibers and, accordingly, a particularly thin working part allows you to penetrate into the upper and middle lobe bronchi, examine the anterior and posterior segmental bronchi, upper segmental bronchus of the lower lobe and other parts of the respiratory organs.

The bronchofibroscope from the Japanese company Pentax is the leader in the class of fiber-optic bronchoscopes in terms of functionality and reliability combined with an affordable price. The next stage in the development of endoscopic imaging in bronchoscopy is videobronchoscopes, which provide an order of magnitude more detailed and natural image due to the use of a high-definition CCD matrix right at the end of the endoscope.


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