Rhinolaryngofibroscope Pentax FNL-7RP3

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Rhinolaryngofibroscope (nasopharyngolaryngoscope) Pentax FNL-7RP3 is a thin flexible fibrooptic endoscope for diagnostic studies in otolaryngology.

Advantages of FNL-7RP3

the new technology of superfine optical fibers “Superfine Fiber” gives the image the best clarity and contrast;

the buried packaging of hexagonal fibers protects individual fibers from damage, which minimizes the likelihood of “broken pixels”;

a thin working tube allows the use of a nasopharyngolaryngoscope even in children’s laryngoscopy;

the bent distal part of the endoscope by 260 degrees contributes to a better orientation in the cavity during anterior and posterior rhinoscopy, forward and reverse laryngoscopy and other types of laryngeal and pharyngeal examination;

the distal end of the FNL-7RP3 rhinolaryngofibroscope is rounded for safe procedures with minimal risk of irritation and mucosal defects;

the ergonomic handle reduces the fatigue of the doctor’s hands during long manipulations and simplifies the control of the fibroendoscope;

The high reliability and durability of Pentax endoscopes guarantees low operating and maintenance costs.


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