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This device includes:

  • Uncompromised Dual Energy imaging.
  • Advanced dynamic CT angiography (up to 80 cm).
  • Free-breathing and ultra-low-dose imaging.


  • Safe scanning for kidneys
  • Early detection of diseases with low radiation exposure
  • 4D imaging with the radiation dose decreased twice
  • Accurate quantitative analysis with two energy levels
  • High cost-efficiency ratio due to prolonged filter life
  • The highest data acquisition speed in the industry

SOMATOM Force provides scanning with the revolution rate of 4 turnovers per minute (one turnover per 0.25 seconds). This provides the temporal resolution of 66 ms during the cardiac CT, regardless of the heart rate. Advanced coverage of the SOMATOM Force tomography device provides the scanning of the whole heart within approximately 150 ms, i.e., quicker than a single cardiac contraction. Besides, high temporal resolution is provided for the whole image field. The Siemens company was the first one to introduce low-dose scanning at 80 kV, and then at 70 kV. Today it continues to push the boundaries in computed tomography. Due to the implemented method of data acquisition, no artificial temporal resolution increase is required.


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