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Automatic urine sediment analyzer with the possibility of body fluid cytology

The fluorescent flow cytometry method provides a real complete automatic urine sediment test without any sample preparation (centrifugation).

Unique possibility of bacteriuria assessment — an accurate quantitative result (cells/μL) and preliminary Gram classification within less than a minute.

The module concept provides complete automation of all urinalysis components

The additional function of cytology testing for body fluids with the quantitative assessment of bacterial levels expands the diagnostic capabilities of the device.

New technologies of analyzers from the UF series — new diagnostic possibilities in urinalysis.

Due to the combination of a new laser type (488 nm blue laser), two test channels, a multifactorial urine sediment component analysis, and the additional function of assessing the scattered light signal depolarization level, high accuracy of urine sediment differentiation can be achieved.

Highly sensitive and specific fluorescent flow cytometry method with intercalating fluorescent dyes allows assessing the level of bacteriuria quantitatively, also determining microbial characteristics (Gram staining), which provides a quick selection of adequate therapy in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.

Combined evaluation of lateral fluorescence and lateral light scatter provides accurate differentiation and count of epithelial urine sediment cells (stratified flat epithelium, transient epithelium, renal tubular epithelium), as well as the identification and count of hyaline and pathological casts.

Concomitant evaluation of the scattered light depolarization level and lateral fluorescence provides accurate differentiation and counts of RBCs and crystals.

Laser flow cytometry technologies provide a unique possibility of direct bacterial count in body fluids, including the cerebrospinal fluid, as well as to perform their cytology with the evaluation of cytosis (mono- and polynuclear cells).


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