Elite 3 Hematology Analyzer

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ELite 3 is widely used in clinical-diagnostic laboratories for routine tests. 22 parameters can be determined, with WBC differentiation into three populations. Study results are printed directly via the in-built thermal printer. Besides, the analyzer may be connected to the PC or the external printer. Preliminary dilution mode for operation beyond linearity limits.

Maintenance simplicity, European quality of the equipment and reagents, stable device operation, and several other advantages can be provided by ELite 3 for a relatively low price (compared to analogs).

ELite 3 features

  • burn-through cleaning in the aperture with the reflux method and chemical cleaning;
  • color LCD touchscreen;
  • quality control program for 6 levels with Levey-Jennings control charts;
  • in-built thermal printer for test result printouts;
  • small size for placement in a small laboratory;
  • automatic system of analyzer unit cleaning after turning off;
  • possible software updates and data backup using external storage devices;
  • possible option with a closed reagent system;
  • decreased reagent consumption;
  • compatibility with various tubes (thanks to adapters).


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