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RadioSURG 2200 Mono is designed for use in medical fields where bipolar coagulation is not in demand:

  • dentistry;
  • gynecology, etc.

The radioSURG 2200 Mono device is a monopolar version of the radiosurgical device radioSURG 2200.

  • Advantages of using the radiosurgical method in the radioSURG 2200 device
  • the use of a frequency of 2.2 MHz makes it possible to minimize the heating of tissues;
  • as a result, there are practically no changes at the cellular level;
  • it is possible to perform a histological examination of the sample;
  • postoperative discomfort is minimal;
    significantly lower risk of scarring complications;
  • high cut accuracy;
  • performing an incision without pressure and tension of the tissue, which is important for plastic surgery;
  • fast regeneration;
  • the electrode is always sterile;
  • the radio wave also has a sterilizing effect;
  • the radio wave avoids deep necrosis due to the transfer of maximum energy in the shortest possible time to the vessel, which allows it to be brewed.

Operating modes of radiosurgical device radioSURG 2200

  • incision (power up to 100 W contributes to achieving an excellent cosmetic effect, the mode can be used for biopsy);
  • incision and coagulation (9 stages of power distribution from 10 to 90%, gentle effect on tissues);
  • coagulation (pulse (0.05 – 0.45 sec) and constant modes of operation, adjustable power up to 90W, ensuring hemostasis or destruction of mucosa and tissues);
  • coagulation is bipolar (it makes it possible to coagulate a separate vessel, performed with special tweezers, the mode is pulsed or constant, the power and degree of coagulation are adjustable).

Advantages of the radioSURG 2200

  • The presence of separate outputs for the incision electrode, the incision with coagulation and the coagulation with autoactivation of the involved one allows you to work without resorting to replacing the electrode in the handle.
  • Repeated adjustment of the electrode is not required – the device remembers the set operating parameters.
  • The radioSURG 2200 device can be mounted on a convenient transport trolley with a smoke aspirator.
  • The synchronous operation of the radioSURG 2200 and the smoke aspirator allows you to:
  • adjust the aspiration speed;
  • effectively remove smoke, which greatly facilitates the work of the surgeon;
  • adjust the operating time of the smoke aspirator after switching off the radioSURG 2200 in the range from 5 to 120 seconds;
  • perform effective three-stage filtration for particles with a diameter of less than 0.014 microns (removal of odor, vapor, volatile smoke particles, viruses);
    easy replacement of filters (resource from 3 to 6 months);
  • maximum smoke suction power 990l/min.


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