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The system for smoke evacuation from the surgery zone. Used in electric and laser surgery. Increases the surgical field visibility and decreases risks.

IES 2 Smoke Evacuation System, 230 V (including 1 cartridge for 20321-000 filters).


  • The system works without noise with high flow rates
  • The device may be activated manually (with a foot switch) or automatically (synchronized with an electrosurgical action).
  • Optimized appliances for various uses
  • Connection to the VIO system via the ERBE communication bus (ECB)
  • High cost-efficiency ratio due to prolonged filter life

Product Summary

The equipment can define the type of the procedure performed and adapt the power, duration of operation, and other parameters for it. There is a possibility of creating and preserving new programs according to surgical team requirements.

  • Two activation types (with the user participation).
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Two main modes — cutting and coagulation.


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