Radiofrequency surgery

Medical Equipment Sales

The Aurum Medical Company sales medical equipment for the best prices. This is achieved by direct delivery contracts with the largest international and Russian companies (Samsung, Siemens, Canon, Olympus, Hitachi, Atmos, Ancar, Dixion, EMS, Pentax, Johnson&Johnson, Ackermann, and many others). Thus, we can guarantee competitive prices for the medical equipment to clients.

Undoubtedly, we deliver medical equipment from reliable manufacturing companies renowned worldwide; we ultimately work without overpricing and offer the most affordable terms.

Delivery of heavy medical equipment is one of the key branches of Aurum Medical specialization. Our catalog offers computed and magnetic resonance tomographs, angiographs, mobile fluorography and mammography devices, X-ray devices of variable modifications, mobile ward X-ray devices, C-arms, ultrasonic devices, surgical equipment, etc.

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