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Specific features of the Sysmex XN-1000 analyzer:

Possible selection of diagnostic channels for the needs of the laboratory:

RET — reticulocyte count

PLT-F — fluorescent platelet count

WPC — detection of WBC precursor cells, including stem cells

BF — body fluid tests

The Rerun & Reflex technology provides automatic additional tests of samples with an advanced profile

Aspirated sample volume in all modes 88 μL, which is especially important for pediatrics, neonatology, and gerontology

The possibility of capillary blood tests in the automatic mode when using the AK407696 RBT RACK SET COMPLETE sample rack and suitable tubes for capillary blood

Simultaneous operation in automatic and manual modes (for urgent samples)

Throughput 83-100 samples per hour (depending on the mode selected)

Sampler capacity — 50 tubes (5 racks with 10 tubes each)

Internet service support for remote maintenance and service control of XN analyzers

Cartridge feed of fluorescent dyes. Reagents are easy to change and simple to use


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