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Automatic hematology analyzer for 23 parameters with the flow cytometry function. A new generation of Abbott hematology analyzers.

Hematology analyzers use a cyan-free hemoglobin detection method, hydrodynamic focusing, electrical impedance, four-angle optical scatter, and a blue diode laser (488 nm). These measurement principles are used both for routine cell count methods and for complex measurements. E.g., simultaneous platelet count with optical and impedance methods, WBC viability detection, nuclear RBC count, detection of CD61 immune platelets, and CD3/CD4/CD8 Т-lymphocyte subpopulations.

Main advantages of the CELL-DYN Sapphire™ analyzer:

MAPPS patented technology;

  • nuclear RBC count is provided immediately during the first sample test — no repeated tests required, which increases the work efficiency;
  • the platelet count is determined with a high-precision optical method, making the physician sure of results obtained;
  • the monoclonal test method used in this analyzer becomes routine in clinical practice;
  • the device is very reliable, requires minimal maintenance and service support;
  • automatic calibration with the use of a single calibrator makes this procedure easy and quick;
  • all device maintenance actions are registered in the log, which controls this process, thus increasing the operational device efficiency.


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