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Manufacturer: Abbott (USA)

CELL-DYn Ruby means highly efficient hematology. A perfect result of the cutting-edge technology.

Significant results of WBC count with population differential during the first measurement (even in the presence of pathological cells and intervention)

The MAPSS Technology (multi-angle polarized scatter) provides accurate laser-optic readings during WBC differential;

Accurate cell identification thanks to four-angle scatter measurements;

Multiple analysis of scatter graphs for the identification of pathological cells and interference

Optical platelet detection. Significant results during the first measurement

The biangular optical analysis enables СЕLL-DYN Ruby to accurately count the amount and sizes of platelets already during the first measurement

Less repeated tests, which are usually related to effects of microcytes, RBC and WBC fragments, and other cells

Lysis-resistant RBC detection mode

3D optical RBC analysis includes RBC count, indices, and reticulocyte count

The optical RBC analysis technology helps to decrease the number of smears

Comfortable and simple software

Comfortable analyzer control

The instrument is able to solve not only routine tasks

Only three reagents for complete blood count with WBC differential (5 populations)

Lysing reagent for WBCs

Non-cyanide lysing reagent for hemoglobin

Diluent/Focusing reagent


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