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Image quality combined with excellent maneuverability makes BF-P60 ideal for your requirements relative to routine bronchoscopy. Due to the exclusive imaging quality, optimal control, maneuverability, and diagnostic possibilities, the BF-P60 OES fiber bronchoscope is an evident choice for updating your fiberscope collection.

Technical specifications:

  • The BF-P60 OES fiber bronchoscope has a distal end with a diameter of 4.9 mm, an insertion tube of 5.0 mm, and a working channel of 2.2 mm, which provides easy bronchoscope insertion for better patient comfort and shortens the procedure time.
  • The fiberscope overview field (120°) can view any region with precision. At the same time, curve angles (180° upwards/130° downwards) provide simple maneuvering in bronchi.
  • High-frequency electrosurgical devices may be used with this endoscope so that you can perform a full spectrum of procedures with a single bronchoscope.
  • The insertion tube length of 600 mm is ideal for examining deep areas of the tracheobronchial tree.


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