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The Atmos C 361 Surgical Aspirator presumes a flexible package depending on aspiration requirements. ATMOS C 361 provides the latest technologies for physicians that are embodied in a perfect design.


  • Pump air flow 36 L/min (С 361).
  • ATMOS DDS (Direct Docking System). ATMOS tanks can be used without additional hoses.
  • Maximum vacuum -91 kPa.
  • Curved inlet collector decreasing aerosol and foam formation, enhancing the service life of the filter.
  • Decreased flow resistance (up to 60 %) compared to superficial filters leads to higher aspiration efficacy.
  • Increased protection from aerosols, which is especially required in highly intensive excretions with aerosol formation (e.g., in lipectomy, rinsing, maxillofacial surgery, etc.).

Main advantages:

  • Mobility and portability;
  • Modern well-thought design;
  • High throughput — up to 36 L/min;
  • Smooth ball vacuum regulator;
  • Screen displaying the vacuum level;
  • Protection from reservoir overfilling;
  • Antibacterial hydrophobic filter;
  • The reservoir and the cap are intended for multiple autoclaving;
  • Innovative hoseless connection (DDS);
  • Low noise level — up to 48 dB;
  • Activation button with a waterproof filler;
  • Protection from aerosol and foam formation;
  • Minimal maintenance costs;
  • Easy to disinfect.


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