ATMOS C-161 Aspirator

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ATMOS C-161 Aspirator is a reliable aspiration with negligible additional costs for aspiration of the respiratory tract. Article number (REF DDS 313.0000.0)

Atmos suction C161 represents a new generation of aspirators manufactured by Atmos (Germany), a world–famous manufacturer of aspiration systems. It combines compliance with the highest hygienic standards, ease of operation and operation, long filter life and modern design. This aspirator is designed for use in intensive care units and delivery rooms for the rehabilitation of the tracheobronchial tree in patients on ventilators and in newborns, in endoscopy, and can also be used for individual care in patients with permanent tracheostomy.

The vacuum regulator, located on the front panel of the aspirator, ensures smooth adjustment and regulation of the vacuum. The pressure gauge displays the degree of vacuum in real time, and the safety cover prevents accidental changes in settings. The system of direct docking of the container with the aspirator (DDS-system, Direct Docking System) creates conditions for the fastest possible vacuum formation, and a replaceable DDS-antibacterial filter reliably protects the aspirator from bacteria getting inside, providing prevention of the spread of nosocomial infection.

The removable graduated container for 1 liter is equipped with a lid with overfill protection, which additionally guarantees protection from secret ingress into the aspirator. In addition, the capacity is designed for at least 1000 autoclaves.

Stepless regulator and precision vacuum pointer

Control window for quick visual inspection of the device for “overflow”

The capacity is autoclaved up to 1000 times

Outpatient use, at home, patronage

Convenient use of Atmos C161 DDS suction. Triple overflow protection:

the latest filter technology;

built-in overflow protection;

direct docking system (DDS) without hoses

Technical characteristics of the Atmos C161 DDS Resuscitation Aspirator Portable Aspirator,

Capacity: 16 ± 2 l/min,

Vacuum: -80 kPa ± 2 kPa / -800 mBar ± 20 mBar / -600 mmHg ± 15 mmHg.,

stepless regulator and precision vacuum level indicator,

graduated capacity of 1 l,

the lid of the container with triple overflow protection, which is provided thanks to the latest filter technology, built-in overflow protection and DDS system, 1 pc.

DDS-antibacterial filter,

control window for visual inspection of the device for “overflow”,

suction hose with a diameter of 6 mm, length of 1.30 m,

hose connector (adjusting the vacuum with a finger),

all hoses and parts of containers are sterilized at a temperature of 134 °C,

network cable 2 m.

230 V~/50/60 Hz,

dimensions (H x W x D): 250 x 255 x 180 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Duration of operation: Continuous operation for about 45 min, at 230 V ~, 50 Hz, 20°C

Cooling: about 60 min, depending on the ambient temperature

Environment conditions. Environments: Transport/Storage -30…+50 °C, 5…90% humidity of the air without condensation at a pressure of 700…1060 kPa

Noise level: 50.0 dB (A) @ 1m (according to ISO 7779).


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