Electrocardiograph computer Poly-Spectrum-8E

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Poly-Spectrum-8/E – miniature 12-channel computer electrocardiograph

Main advantages:

12 high-quality standard ECG leads

high-quality curves in any conditions

detecting pacemaker pulses

contour analysis and syndromic conclusion

automatic protocol generation

12 high-quality standard ECG leads

“Poly-Spectrum-8/E” is an electrocardiograph the size of three matchboxes. It makes it possible to record simultaneously from 1 to 12 ECG leads. To do this, you just need to connect the device to the USB port of the computer.

High-quality curves in any conditions

Poly-Spectrum-8/E digitizes the ECG with a high quantization frequency. This, as well as the hardware compensation module for changes in the patient’s cable capacity that occur during his movements, together with a set of powerful digital filters, allows you to obtain high-quality curves in any conditions.

Detecting pacemaker pulses

The built-in hardware pulse detector of artificial pacemakers makes it possible to examine patients with implanted pacemakers and perform stress and electrophysiological studies using transesophageal pacing.

Contour analysis and syndromic conclusion

The basic package of delivery “Poly-Spectrum-8/E” includes software for contour analysis of ECG — “Поли-Спектр.NET/Анализ “.

In the contour analysis mode, the doctor sees the selected cardiocomplex or complex averaged over the entire record. The program automatically places markers at the nodal points of the complex. An automatically generated syndromic conclusion is displayed in the same window. By clicking on a cardiocomplex in any lead, the doctor can examine it on an enlarged scale, take measurements using an electronic ruler and, if necessary, manually adjust the placement of markers.


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