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The new surgical lamp marLED ® E3 has an undeniable advantage in comparison with the technology of the last generation, which is manifested in increased productivity. A high degree of light output allows you to reduce energy consumption and thus save money.

There are no parts in the design of the lamp that are subject to wear and require maintenance. The productive life of the lamp is designed for 40,000 hours of operation – such durability of the lighting source eventually leads to a reduction in the production of spare lamps and a reduction in waste. MarLED ® E3 luminaires provide a high-quality, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly luminous flux.

The innovative lens device provides:

Uniform illumination of the operating field.

Deep cavity lighting.

Shadowless lighting.

The contrast of the image.

Maximum illumination with minimum energy consumption.

The absence of thermal radiation ensures clarity of thoughts and cleanliness of hands.

Consumables are not required.


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