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Poly-Spectrum-SM – daily ECG monitoring system

Main advantages:

Programming of registration parameters. Additional channels

Status indicators on the front panel

Built-in wireless connection

Recording audio comments

Replacing batteries on the fly

Start registration with one button

Registration of 2 or 3 ECG channels

Fast loading of data in the computer

Poly-Spectrum-CM is a system of daily monitoring of an electrocardiogram using the Holter method, which allows ECG registration to be performed within 24 – 72 hours. In addition, the recorder makes it possible to record breathing, motor activity, body position, pacemaker pulses, which can complement the ECG picture and provide significant assistance in interpreting the results. The main attention in the development of the system was paid to the ease of use, the accuracy of automatic algorithms and the provision of extensive opportunities for monitoring and correcting the results. The task of the system is to present all the information about the study in a concise form and in such a way that the doctor can quickly find all the significant episodes in the daily record.

The main advantages of the Poly-Spectrum-SM system:

multifunctional recorder that extends the capabilities of a conventional Holter monitor

an easy-to-use and convenient analysis program with flexible and customizable algorithms

Programming of registration parameters. Additional channels

It is possible to program all recording parameters, including the frequency of ECG quantization: 250, 500 or 1000 Hz.

Simultaneously with the ECG, other channels can be recorded: breathing, motor activity, body position, pacemaker pulses, which significantly expands the functionality of the complex, allowing you to get additional information about the patient.


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