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The device is intended to enhance the performance of the VIO electrosurgical system based on the Erbe Medical Equipment.

It includes an additional pair of instrumental sockets, providing the addition of monopolar and bipolar interface sockets, including a specialized multifunctional socket for the VIO 300 D system


  • 2 socket modules
  • 1 ECB cable
  • 1 power cable
  • 2 instructions for use
  • 2 additional outlets may be connected to the VIO Electrosurgical Device
  • Free selection of outlet applications

Product Summary

The module form factor is intended for the medical cart placement as part of a multifunctional mobile surgical complex. Apart from a single or several VEM 2 modules, they may include the following:

  • Argon plasma generating unit;
  • Electric coagulator;
  • set of additional electrodes of different configurations;
  • reducer for the connection of gas cylinders;
  • smoke removal device;
  • pump for the surgical area rinsing, etc.

When the extended module can be required?

  • A very large-scale electrosurgical system is required, and standard capabilities of the base coagulator unit with the maximal package are exhausted;
  • An electric coagulator of the starting level has one-two output, and the physician wants to increase the number of connected tools without changing it.


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