Ultrasonic bipolar generator USG-410

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The USG-410 is the world’s first compact generator capable of activating both hybrid (THUNDERBEAT) and ultrasonic (SONICBEAT) energy. Like previous models, this generator is able to reliably weld vessels with a diameter of 7 mm and quickly cut the fabric.

Universal solution: an autonomous generator for THUNDERBEAT and SONICBEAT systems provides a reduction in the initial costs of mandatory equipment.
Reducing the welding time of vessels by 34%: the latest welding algorithm for the SEAL mode allows you to reduce the welding time by 34% (compared to the USG-400 model)3.
Efficiency and safety: Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM) intelligent tissue monitoring system; the ability to monitor electrical safety and measure output power directly at the workplace; user access to the error log.
The unique identifier of the device.


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