Electrosurgical device ESG-400

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ESG-400 is a new generation high-frequency generator from OLYMPUS, providing high performance, efficiency and safe use of high-frequency energy.
New generation Electrosurgical generator

The ESG-400 electrosurgical device provides fast and high-quality coagulation, dissection of tissues even when working on high-density tissues. The results of the operations performed, safety and long-term results are provided by the built-in power monitoring system.

Design and management

The front panel of the ESG-400 has been designed to provide easy access to basic settings. All basic functions can be controlled via easily identifiable touch buttons.

A completely new, convenient and intuitive control of the system was created thanks to cooperation with doctors. The front panel is optimized as much as possible for user convenience and allows you to make various settings right during the procedure.

Compatible electrode in the form of a large “loop”

The supported electrosurgical loop offers high bipolar energy power and improved plasma coagulation, which ensures more efficient performance of transurethral and transcervical resections.

Innovative Thunderbeat technology

The ESG-400 generator in combination with the USG-400 form a new technology of energy impact on the tissue “Thunderbeat”, which combines bipolar energy and ultrasound exposure.

Ultrasonic energy is effective for excellent tissue dissection and dissection. Advanced bipolar energy for fast and safe hemostasis of vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter.

Work in all directions

ESG-400 is ideal for work in all areas where the use of high-frequency energy is necessary, including operations in general surgery, coloproctology, endoscopic interventions on the gastrointestinal tract, as well as gynecological and urological manipulations.

OLYMPUS quality and reliability

OLYMPUS has established itself as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer of endoscopic equipment. If there are problems during operation, our specialists will be able to solve your problem.


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