Electrosurgical device ESG-300

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ESG-300 is an electrosurgical device (generator) specially designed for use with OLYMPUS endoscopic equipment, with high quality and reliability.

Wireless control

The ESG-300 electrosurgical generator has a wireless control function, which is carried out when a special foot pedal is connected. The wireless foot pedal facilitates convenient and quick activation of the generator functions, located anywhere in the operating room.

Intelligent message system

There is a touch screen on the front panel of the generator, which displays all the necessary messages reflecting the state of the system and providing feedback for comfortable operation.

Language support

The intuitive menu of the ESG-300 generator is equipped with 29 languages, which ensures operation in any country in a language that is understandable to it.

Monopolar mode

When using the monopolar mode, the tools can be used in two different configurations:

Dissection mode (cutting) – allows immediate dissection of tissues with minimal blood loss. The dissection is available in 3 modifications:

– PureCut (clean dissection) – continuous dissection of tissue with low coagulation effect;
– PulseCut Slow/Fast (Pulse dissection, slow/fast) – intermittent dissection of tissue, which is usually used during endoscopic manipulations;
– BlendCut (Combined dissection and coagulation mode) – continuous dissection with increased coagulation effect;

Coagulation mode – used for coagulation and stopping bleeding.
Coagulation is available in 4 modifications:

– SoftCoag (Soft coagulation) – slow and deep coagulation, which is optimally suited for working with thick blood vessels;
– SprayCoag (Spray coagulation) – non-contact coagulation suitable for performing oral myotomy;
– ForcedCoag (Enhanced Coagulation) – fast and effective coagulation;
– PowerCoag (Powerful coagulation) – fast and effective coagulation with an increased level of dissection

Argon plasma coagulation function

The ESG-300 electrosurgical generator can be used in conjunction with an argon plasma coagulator
APU-300 for the use of argonoplasma beam, which provides the highest quality of surface hemostasis.

Argon plasma coagulation is available in 3 modifications, for the best application in each specific situation.

ForcedArgon (Enhanced Argonoplasma Coagulation) – continuous supply of argonoplasma beam with stable power required for rapid hemostasis and
ablation of large areas
PulsedArgon Slow/Fast (Pulsed argon plasma coagulation, slow/fast) – continuous supply of argon plasma beam with intermittent effect
SmartArgon (Intelligent argon plasma coagulation) – automatic determination of the optimal power by the distance to the tissue.

SmartArgon mode contributes to the achievement of safe and definite hemostasis with a decrease in the effect of carbonation.

There are several types of sensors for argon plasma coagulation: lateral, axial and radial, which allows for accurate and selective coagulation.

Neutral electrode resistance analysis

Thanks to the Contact Quality Monitor technology, the system monitors the contact resistance of the neutral electrode on the patient’s body, reducing the risk of thermal burns.

Monitoring of current leakage

Leakage-Protection Sensor technology detects and measures current leakage, which helps to reduce the risk of harm to the patient’s health.

Creating individual settings

A convenient function is to create individual settings for each procedure.

Stage 1 – creating individual settings;
Stage 2 – combining settings with manipulation;
Stage 3 – switching between settings is carried out by pressing the black button on the foot pedal.


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