ARC 350 + ARC PLUS for gastroenterology

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ARC 350 is an electrosurgical device, thought out to the smallest detail, which conquers with ease of operation and modern functionality. For example, all settings for numerous standard operating procedures are pre-programmed and can be expanded if necessary. The four tool connectors can be configured individually with simple manipulations, and maintenance personnel can visually check the settings at any time.
ARC PLUS is an additional unit for use in argonoplasmic electrosurgery. Argon with a frequency of at least 4.8 creates an electric bridge between the electrode and the tissues for precise non-contact coagulation. A standard tool for flexible endoscopy or liver surgery. The control is carried out from the front panel of the ARC PLUS.

BOWA ARC 350 is ideal for almost all areas of electrosurgery:
– General, visceral, thoracic and pediatric surgery
– Gynecology
– Gastroenterology
– Urology
– Plastic and cosmetic surgery
– Orthopedics and traumatology
– Maxillofacial surgery


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