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The TeleCoRD-MT-Plus is a modern X-ray device for three working places intended for all types of radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations, including tomosynthesis, dual-energy, and panoramic modes.

Combined ergonomic design and digital technologies provide the device mounting in a small room.

TeleCoRD-MT-Plus is the newest company development, which has implemented the following modern functions along with standard capabilities:

  • acquisition of tomosynthetic images;
  • multi-energy examinations;
  • panoramic film preparation.
  • Remote device control excludes ionizing radiation effects on the radiologist during fluoroscopic studies.


  • dynamic flat full-format receiver (43 cm x 43 cm);
  • instant switching of device operating modes (from radiography to fluoroscopy);
  • wide capture range allows performing examinations of large-sized patients and large anatomic regions (abdominal cavity, pelvis, etc.);
  • high-resolution radiographic examinations and high-speed fluoroscopic examinations with the same detector;
  • comfortable use in severely ill patients, patients with limited capabilities, children, and elderly patients.


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