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The MEDIX-R-AMICO Radiological Diagnostic Stationary Complex for One Working Place is intended for specialized radiological studies:

  • fluoroscopy;
  • serial films;
  • targeted X-ray studies.

Structural features of radiological MEDIX-R-AMICO complexes comply with all modern diagnostic radiology requirements, providing operating simplicity and convenience, reliability and safety, as well as the high quality of images obtained. The optional system allows selecting MEDIX-R-AMICO corresponding to the needs and possibilities of a specific medical institution.

Delivery specification

— BIO Scope X-ray Tilting Table

  • The BIO Scope X-ray Tilting Table is equipped with electronic ECS with automatic format functions, table and deck motion control panels, and the cassette division program selection when filming with a frame counter. The cassette can be divided into 1-6 parts. Quick and precise cassette positioning allows for quick transition from radioscopy to plain X-ray studies. The cassette is loaded from the left ECS side, which provides additional comfort during the device operation.

— AMETIST XRII X-ray image intensifier

  • XRII is used in fluoroscopy and radioscopy (gastroenterological, gynaecological, urological, and other contrast studies, angiography).
  • AMETIST XRII is manufactured on the 9-inch X-ray image converter tube (XRICT) and has three operating fields, which allows magnifying the image of the region of interest. The camera of the second TV standard is equipped with a CCD matrix (1024×1024 pixel resolution). AMETIST XRII is characterized by unique digital signal processing with a highly efficient noise suppression system, providing high image quality for immobile and mobile objects, as well as the 14-frame memory. The delivery set includes a high-resolution 19″ TFT-monitor on a mobile stand.

— UCOI-Accord (AWP) device for digital processing, visualization, and backup of medical images

  • The system is based on a modern PC with a TFT-monitor (at least 19-inch width) with a specialized software system.
  • The software system provides digital X-ray images with the possibility of their visualization, further mathematical processing to obtain additional diagnostic information, backup, transfer in computer networks, and obtaining hard copies on the corresponding printing device.

— TOP-X 850HF High-frequency X-ray power device

  • Complexes are equipped with a TOP-X 850HF high-frequency power device (up to 65 kW). The set of 1500 automatic organ programs can accelerate the studies performed by physicians. Besides, personal programs with specific requirements of practical physicians can be created, and the manual exposure adjustment system is also installed.
  • The software may be ordinarily changed per the radiologist’s requirements.
  • Custom orders may presume the fitting out of the power device with a high-speed stator which will increase the rotation speed of the X-ray tube anode to 9000 rpm and increased tube loads (up to 2 times).

— Emitter with the X-ray tube

MEDIX-R-AMICO* complexes include an X-ray emitter with an in-built thermostatic element to prevent overheating. Modern X-ray tubes have an anode rotation speed of 3000 and 9000 rpm.

— Device for determining patient radiation doses

— Protective screen for the physician protection

— A set of cassettes with enhancing screens

(18х24, 24х30, 30х40, 35х35 cm formats)

— A set of protective X-ray clothing

(apron, neck shield, anterior shield, protective plate set)

* Optionally the MEDIX-R-AMICO complex may be equipped with an XRII plus XRICT (up to 13 inches)


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