Video processor for Pentax EPK-i5000 endoscopes

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The expert video processor for Pentax endoscopes EPK-i5000 has become one of the most technologically advanced systems in its field of application. A 300-watt xenon lamp provides even illumination, and the second-generation HD+ matrix contributes to particularly accurate visualization.

The powerful and modern professional video processor Pentax EPK-i5000 works with any models of endoscopes of this company. It supports Pentax and Hitachi ultrasound endoscopic devices. Due to its high compatibility with ultrasound technologies, the operator will be able to perform procedures such as fine needle aspiration, transbronchial puncture and elastography in real time.

The control keys of the Pentax EPK-i5000 video processor are displayed on the front panel, they are convenient and intuitive. A 300 Watt xenon lamp is used as a light source, its power is more than enough for therapeutic operations and the most thorough examination. At the same time, the system is equipped with an i-scan function with various research protocols and an expert HD+ recording matrix with particularly accurate visualization.


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