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Thanks to SOMATOM go.Up, specialized procedures are now available as part of routine diagnostic practice. It provides a wide implementation of screening methods. SOMATOM go.Up is a fully updated service concept promoting decreased operational costs. By increasing the availability of high-quality diagnoses, SOMATOM go.Up provides the room for cost-efficiency and competitiveness.


  • Advantages include the reliability of SOMATOM go. components and a small amount of initial investments.
  • Automatic operational processes using GO technologies.
  • Implementation of complex examinations into routine diagnosis.

SOMATOM go.Up helps to expand clinical capabilities, implementing complex studies into routine diagnostic practice. Thanks to high-class technologies, this system can break the boundaries of a standard diagnostic set by implementing specialized studies.

  • Quick and efficient scanning in routine practice
  • High-quality CT angiography
  • Speed and accuracy of routine diagnosis in neurology
  • Optional expansion of preventive medicine capabilities with early CT diagnosis


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