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MAGNETOM Sola with BioMatrix technology based on artificial intelligence accelerates scanning by up to 50%, includes an expert cardiopack and does not require holding your breath during research, expanding diagnostic capabilities and allowing you to get an excellent result with every study. This is a system that automatically adapts to the individual features of each patient’s body structure in order to simplify MRI examinations and reduce the number of repeated scans.

Maximum impact with the new Tim 4G anatomical coils and BioMatrix technology

MAGNETOM Sola with a unique portfolio of Tim 4G anatomical coils is a new level of combination of high throughput and efficiency, excellent image quality in areas of the body that are traditionally difficult to scan. This means fewer repeated scans, the highest diagnostic reliability, individually configured parameters and comfort during the study for each patient.

The most powerful performance with Deep Resolve, Turbo Suite and myExam Companion

Very fast data collection during scanning and reconstruction of “raw” data into an image based on artificial intelligence Using the advantages of ultra-precise neural networks, Deep Resolve accelerates research, increases the efficiency of the scanning process and the level of patient convenience, helping to obtain diagnostically significant data faster than ever before.

The time of all research is significantly reduced with the exclusive Turbo Suite technology, which includes revolutionary technologies to accelerate data collection (for example, Simultaneous Multi-Slice and Compressed Sensing).

myExam Companion, breaks down the “barriers” of complex MRI studies and forms a new philosophy of working with MRI. Using new digital capabilities and artificial intelligence, it provides step-by-step assistance and automated scanning protocols for 90% of studies, ensuring stable and reproducible results in each case. myExam 3D Camera is the world’s first 3D camera fully integrated into an MRI scanner. Captures the physique, height and position of the patient on the table in three dimensions, facilitating positioning during the study. The new innovative myExam Autopilot allows you to scan medical professionals of any skill level “with one click”. myExam Assist is an opportunity to choose a study protocol in advance and flexibly adapt it depending on the patient’s characteristics. myExam Cockpit allows users to intuitively configure and manage research protocols for ten body areas in a single workspace. Users can use ready-made protocols or create their own.

New Clinical Features with Inline Compressed<sensing<strong=””></sensing<>

Now it is possible to conduct research on patients for whom it was previously unavailable due to health conditions or difficulties during the scan. Applications for scanning without holding your breath Compressed Sensing increases the patient’s comfort during the procedure and expands the range of services of your clinic. Simplified preparation procedures and an automated scanning process also expand the clinical capabilities of your clinic, for example, allow you to easily perform an MRI of the whole body.

MAGNETOM Sola with BioMatrix technology is a unique combination of patient adaptation and the widest capabilities of an expert-level MRI system.

Features and Benefits

1. BioMatrix technology
This technology allows MRI to automatically adjust to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of each patient, which prevents undesirable deviations in diagnosis. BioMatrix reads patients’ heartbeat rhythms, breathing levels, and even small movements during the diagnostic process. As a result: fewer repeat scans, the highest quality of visualization, predictability of work processes and patient admission schedule, and high-quality personalized research results with increased productivity.

2. Efficiency of working with GO technologies

MAGNETOM Sola based on syngo MR XA11 software provides maximum efficiency and allows you to perform clinical trials with just the push of a button. GO technologies help speed up the entire workflow: from patient positioning to the distribution of results, thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence.

3. Simultaneous multi-layer scanning (SMS) technologies

Simultaneous multi-layer scanning (SMS) is a change in the MRI paradigm, which helps to reduce the time of musculoskeletal studies by 46% (compared to traditional 1.5 T MRI), reduce the time of diffusion-weighted visualization of the whole body, and significantly improve the temporal resolution of the image contrast, which depends on the level of blood oxygenation.

SMS allows you to drastically reduce the scanning time. For example, scanning the entire foot/ankle may take only 7, not 13 minutes, while maintaining high image quality. This technology also maximizes performance for diffusion-weighted imaging of the brain, chest, abdomen and pelvis.


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