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The Biograph mMR sets new standards in medical imaging. This is the first system in the world capable of simultaneous MRI and PET data acquisition for the whole body.


  • Full diagnostic picture within a single scanning;
  • Perfect MR and PET data superimposition, including regions with maximal mobility (pelvic region, abdominal cavity);
  • Shorter examination procedures as there is no need to reposition patients between procedures and transport them between departments;
  • New perspectives for scientific studies;
  • Decreased radiation exposure for patients compared to PET/CT studies.
  • High accuracy due to real simultaneous scanning.

The Biograph mMR system provides perfect spatial superimposition of MR and PET data with the minimal possibility of any motions affecting the quality of PET images thanks to MR technologies helping to correct shifts caused by respiration or random patient motions.

  • Spatial superimposition;
  • Accurate superimposition of MR and PET data thanks to simultaneous scanning;
  • Single reference system;
  • Minimum motion artifacts;
  • Accurate spatial registration.

Minimum motion artifacts

  • The Biograph mMR system helps to eliminate motion artifacts;
  • Acquisition of perfect MR and PET images with synchronization media “freezing” motions;
  • Possible imaging of mobile organs, e.g. liver.

Time superimposition

  • It helps to understand physiological processes better;
  • Registration of metabolic and functional processes with accurate time coincidence;
  • Precision disease evaluation.


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