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The first 3.0 Tl expert MRI scanner with BioMatrix technology, which takes into account the peculiarities of the human body structure and helps to significantly simplify the conduct of MRI studies. Easily overcoming any difficulties, MAGNETOM Vida opens a new era in MRI scanning: individually adapts to the structural features of each patient, reduces the number of repeated scans and guarantees each patient an excellent result and an individual approach during routine, expert and clinical studies.

3.0Tl power with the best magnet and powerful magnetic field gradients

MAGNETOM Vida is a highly efficient magnetic resonance imaging scanner that expands and fundamentally changes the possibilities of diagnostic imaging.

This is a brand new 3 Tl magnet, which provides excellent uniformity and a large field of view of 55 x 55 x 50 cm3, allows you to perform rapid studies with high-quality and reliable suppression of the signal from adipose tissue throughout the field of view, which is especially important when examining abdominal or peripheral areas.

With powerful magnetic field gradients up to 60/200, up to 25% higher signal-to-noise ratio is achieved in diffusion-weighted visualization. Thanks to this, MAGNETOM Vida can be used for clinical research, but with a new level of patient comfort in the 70 cm dressing.

Intelligent power management technology shuts down power-consuming components during scanning breaks, thereby achieving significant energy savings. So, EcoPower turns off the cold head in standby mode, which leads to energy savings of up to 30%.

The most powerful performance with Turbo Suite and myExam Companion

MAGNETOM Vida is a combination of high performance, fast scans and one-button research. At the heart of its impressive data collection speed is an exclusive package Turbo Suite, revolutionary acceleration technologies (for example, Simultaneous Multi-Slice and Compressed Sensing), which shorten all studies in time, while maintaining a high-quality result. myExam Companion, breaks down the “barriers” of complex MRI studies and forms a new philosophy of working with MRI. myExam Assist provides a convenient controlled process of preparation and scanning itself. It allows you to choose the study protocol in advance and flexibly adapt it depending on the patient’s characteristics. This makes it possible to conduct high-quality and effective research for any patient. myExam Cockpit allows users to intuitively configure and manage research protocols for ten body areas in a single workspace. Users can use ready-made protocols or create their own. GO technologies are a family of solutions that accelerate the entire scanning process: from positioning the patient to analyzing the results.

Deep Resolve — Faster than ever before

Image reconstruction technology based on artificial intelligence Deep Resolve, using the advantages of ultra-precise neural networks, accelerates research, increases the efficiency of the scanning process and the level of patient convenience. Very fast data collection during scanning and reconstruction of “raw” data into an image using Deep Resolve is changing the “rules of the game” in MRI studies, helping to obtain diagnostically significant data faster than ever before, and an open interface allows for joint analysis of results in a secure digital environment.

New Clinical Opportunities with Inline Compressed Sensing

With the help of Turbo Suite Elite, it is possible to conduct research to patients for whom it was previously unavailable due to health conditions or difficulties during scanning. Applications for scanning without holding your breath Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine and Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE increase patient comfort during the procedure and expand the range of services of your clinic. Simplified preparation procedures and an automated scanning process also expand the clinical capabilities of your clinic, for example, allow you to easily perform an MRI of the whole body.

MR Fingerprinting (MRF) allows you to perform diagnostics at a previously unavailable level. For the first time in the industry, quantitative information about tissues is collected during scanning. Diagnosis is based on digital, not visual data, as in conventional MRI machines. Tissue differentiation is improved, diagnosis accuracy is improved and the need for invasive procedures is reduced.

MAGNETOM Vida is a unique premium 3.0 Tl magnetic resonance tomograph for the most demanding customers.


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