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The Ysio Max device is equipped with innovative automatization means for quick and safe system positioning. Thanks to this, the medical staff may optimize and accelerate operations while focusing their attention on the patient.

High image quality for all patients regardless of the operator

Each patient is individual and requires personalized system adjustment. Ysio Max allows standardizing working processes, stably providing high image quality for all patients. Invariably high quality of images in the Ysio MAX system is provided with the innovative chain of image formation. It consists of MAX detectors and a DiamondView MAX specialized post-processing system adapted to any imaging conditions.

X-ray characteristics

Patient’s table and table deck      Table height: 52-95 cm

Maximal table load: 300 kg

Longitudinal table deck shift: ±48 cm

X-ray tube attachment   Longitudinal shift range: 346 cm

Transverse shift range with the 3/4 m range 220/355 cm

The Servo drive for manual tube positioning along x, y, z axes for Ysio Max devices with Aim/Aim FAST

Aim/Aim FAST option: innovative system of simultaneous automatized movements along six axes, providing quick and safe movement of components into the required position

X-ray tube           Max. voltage (IEC 60613): 150 kV

Anode heat capacity: 580 kJ (783 thousand ТU)

X-ray generator 65 kW

Option: 80 W

Vertical film stand           Vertical movement range (a stand with MAX static/MAX wi-D): 145/141 cm

Cybersecurity     Data protection functions: white list, 90-day corrections, data encryption on the hard drive

Option: advanced user control system includes the role-based access system, centralized control, and audit logs

Working process organization

User interface    syngo FLC

Patient registration         Getting the list of patients and studies from the hospital information system and radiological information system (HIS/RIS)

Patient registration for urgent studies

Managing patient records, study data, and images

Editing programs for organs and study sets           The device is equipped with an advanced editor, which allows to preserve, adjust, and organize study sets of up to 1000 organ programs.

These programs consist of several imaging and working process parameters for separate body parts and imaging sequences.

Today over 200 specialized pediatric programs for organs have been developed with recommended system presets — these allow to optimize the image quality and radiation dose depending on the patients’ age, their constitution, and the body region studied.

Accessories and options

MAX wi-D Detector         34.9 x 42.5 x 1.9 см; 3 kg

Cesium iodide-based scintillator

MAX mini Detector          28.4 x 22.8 x 1.6 см; 1.6 kg

Cesium iodide-based scintillator

MAX static Detector        42.5 cm x 42.6 cm

SmartOrtho2      Completely automatic tilting mechanism for the imaging of lower extremities and the whole spine (up to four images)

Information for room planning

System weight   Approximately 1530 kg, including the vertical film stand, X-ray tube fitting, imaging station, generator stand, and the patient examination table

Ceiling height in the room            Min. 267 cm, without obstructions


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