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The Siemens Polymobil Plus X-ray device has a short base and large wheels, which helps it move easily even in narrow rooms, tight corridors and overcome thresholds and obstacles.

A device cover is a single unit with a high-frequency generator inside. The upper cover surface contains a control panel with touch-sensitive buttons. The balanced position of the X-ray tube stand allows moving it to the required position. The light indicator for accurate tube positioning relative to the patient is turned on from the control panel.

The cover has a handle for the device movement and a tray for 5 cassettes.

The device is powered from a simple wall outlet. The power cord length is 5.5 meters, which allows connecting it to the wall outlet even in the adjacent room.

Protection is not required during filming. This allows for examination of patients even if they’re not alone in the ward.

Technical specifications

  • Generator power 20 kW, current up to 300 mA.
  • Exposure time — from 8 msec to 5 sec.
  • KV and mAs parameter selection on the control panel.
  • Focus spot size 1.4 mm.
  • Collimator with the rotation angle of 45 degrees and manual control.
  • Maximum X-ray tube elevation height 189.5 cm.
  • Minimal height 42 cm.
  • Cassettes of the 35*43 cm size are used.


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