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The device allows examining patients on the table, Bucky wall stand, or those freely positioned, saving up to 50 % examination time due to the multifunctional mobile detector, providing high image quality.

  • The physician and patient comfort presumes the possibility of using a table, Bucky wall stand or examining шт a free position
  • Saving precious time during patient positioning, especially those who cannot move voluntarily (mobile multifunctional detector)
  • High image quality combined with the minimal distance from the patient to the detector leads to a decrease in the magnification effect
  • The multifunctional detector not requiring battery power may be located at any point in the room

Easy to learn, safe to operate

The work capacity will increase due to the intuitive imaging techniques.

  • Intuitive syngo FLC User Interface with clearly organized functions
  • The device supports automatic import of patient DICOM data and study information into RIS
  • Intellectual programs for specific organs with preset parameters are adjusted for your requirements
  • The imaging software is the same used in expert X-ray devices manufactured by Siemens Healthineers
  • Quick staff training

The device is specially constructed for cost-efficient operation

This reliable device will decrease general operation costs, as its in-built generator is located in just 11 square meters (6.3 sq.m when using the unit for chest X-rays and free position X-rays).

  • Small occupied area
  • Small installation costs — the device is supplied in a compact way and does not require ceiling preparation
  • Cost-efficient cord detector for multiple examinations
  • No processing machine required — the working process is completely digital, requiring a small amount of time

X-ray characteristics

Number of working places           2

Number of digital detectors         1

Detector type    Digital

Digital detector subtype DR

X-ray generator power (kW)        100

Tube attachment type    Floor

Suitable for fluorography             +

Suitable for spine or hip joint examinations           +

Suitable for extremities  +

Suitable for orthopedics +

Maximal patient weight (kg)        300


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